Welcome Parents

Alert System:

Don't let a stranger get your alert!!!!

Please let the main office know of any telephone number changes.

In the Newton Public Schools, we recognize the integral role you play in your child's education. We appreciate that you support our schools and reinforce a number of valuable messages for your children, such as responsibility, accountability, respect for rules, and regard for others.  

As educators, our goal will always be to work together with parents to create an educational environment which enables every child to grow successfully into adulthood.

We welcome your involvement and we encourage you to take the following actions to ensure your child is successful in school:

  • get acquainted with the educators who have the responsibility of teaching your children;
  • learn how your schools operate and are funded;
  • learn what is being taught to your children, and;
  • lend a helping hand with student activities supervision.

MealTime Just Got Easier! 

We have chosen MealTime Online to provide the opportunity for you to make credit card deposits into your student's cafeteria account or view your student's purchase history via the internet.  This replaces MYMealPayments. 


To Use MealTime Online: 

Click here Or go directly to: www.mymealtime.com


Step 1: Create a MealTime Online profile. Click on the "Create new profile" link and create a Username and Password that you will use to login to MealTime Online. The Username and Password must be at least 6 characters. For example, Username: jsmith Password: pty845.


Step 2: Add your student. Login to your MealTime Online account (using the Username and Password that you created in Step 1. Click on “Meal Account Deposits” then click the "Add New Student" link and add your student by entering their First Name only and their Student ID number.


Step 3: Make a Deposit. Click the "Make Deposit" link to make a deposit into a school account. There is a web site transaction fee for making deposits.

Click the "View Details" link next to your student's name to view their cafeteria account balance and purchase history.



Online deposits are retrieved and added to your student’s balance at their school every 5 minutes. Student information, such as purchase history and their current cafeteria account balance are updated on the web site every 4 hours.

************ See attachment to see how you may be notified of Low balances ************

Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals

Every day, over 2,000 teenagers use a prescription drug to get high for the first time. They're accessing these drugs in the comfort of home; it can be as easy as opening a cupboard, drawer or medicine cabinet. The good news - there are steps you can take to help protect youth from prescription drug abuse monitor,secure and dispose.


Since 2009, Sussex County residents have been working with law enforcement around the county to clean out their medicine cabinets in an effort to address prescription drug abuse. On September 26th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sussex County law enforcement officers will provide another opportunity to prevent prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse and theft so that people can rid their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted medications.

Sussex County residents are urged to clean out their medicine cabinets and bring their medications for disposal to sites available around the county. There are seven permanent locations open 24/7/365 and another two locations available on September 26th. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. In Sussex County, everyone can help to dispose of medications safely.


Mark your calendar for September 26th to do a fall cleanup of medications in your home!

Check out: 

QuitDay.org, a page on smoking's effects in K-12 schools and how to keep kids away from tobacco

American Lung Association

Parentadvicenj.org is a ‘portal’ for parents and caregivers to access and share articles, news & videos regarding underage drinking prevention from around the web. Each link is checked out by Coalition staff at The Center in Newton to ensure you are receiving the best advice from the most trusted websites on the Internet.

Link address: www.parentadvicenj.org

How to Protect Your Children During A Measles Outbreak

School Security

We are aware of the special role we play in ensuring the physical and emotional safety of our children.  The Newton Public Schools take a proactive approach to safety and security with the following critical elements in place:

  • Each school has a Safety Team to review building-based procedures and address emergent issues as they occur.
  • Each school's Safety Team conducted a security audit in January/February 2013 to make recommendations that will enhance school security. 
  • The district Safety and Security Plan is reviewed and revised annually to ensure prepared responses to emergency situations.
  • Each school conducts monthly safety drills together with local emergency responders to practice safe evacuation, lockdown, and shelter in-place routines.
  • Our school counselors, psychologists, and social workers have experience and training in dealing with tragic loss and recovery. We have strong relationships with community-based resources as well.
  • TRS (Trust-Respect-Support) is our K-12 program for character education consisting of in-class and extracurricular experiences to promote the social-emotional development of all our students.

Please feel free to call Dr. Greene, Superintendent of Schools, at 973-383-7392 or your school principal if you have any questions or concerns.  

Parents are the most important adults in helping their children to feel safe away from home.  The attached links and documents are resources to help parents enhance their child's safety at home as well.

PARCC Assessments

In the Spring of 2015, New Jersey schools transitioned to a new statewide assessment as part of a group of nineteen states. The group of states, called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), has been working for the last several years to develop tests that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics that were adopted by the NJ State Board of Education in 2010.

The Newton Public Schools participated in the field testing of these new assessments in Spring 2014. The attached presentation may help families understand PARCC implementation. 


The attached documents represent the curricula of the Newton Public Schools based on the Common Core State Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in the following subject areas:

  • 21st Century Life & Careers
  • English Language Arts
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • World Languages
These documents also represent the collaborative work of the Tri-District Consortium to create common K-8 curricula for the Andover Regional, Green Township, and Newton Public Schools.


The attached documents are here to help parents establish a PowerSchool account to monitor their student's grades and attendance.

There is a short video available via YouTube on using the Parent and Student Portals.

mLearning guides are digital books with interactive modules available as a free download through the iBooks bookstore.  The mLearning Guide titled PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals is available free.