Merriam Avenue School

Kevin Stanton, Principal                                                                 Kenney Lutz, Assistant Principal

Mission Statement

Merriam Avenue School strives for all of our students to grow both academically and personally.  We believe in celebrating the successes of each student.  We believe in taking personal responsibility for our actions, having high academic standards for all, respecting each other’s differences and caring for ourselves and our community.  Our school is a place where students, parents, and teachers work together as a community of learners, where each and every member is a valued contributor.

New Jersey Department of Education

School Self-Assesment for Determining Grades

under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

District and School Grade Report

 Merriam District

HIB Programs,Approaches or Other Iniatives (Max 15)

9 12

Training on the BOE Approved HIB Policy (Max 9)

3 4

Other Staff Instruction and Training Programs (Max 15)

11 11

Curriculum and Instruction on HIB and Related Information and Skills (Max 6)

4 4

HIB Personnel (Max 9)

8 8

School Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedure (Max 6)

3 3

HIB Investigative Procedures (Max 12)

12 12

HIB Reporting (Max 3)

2 2
Grade (Max 75)52 54